What format is right for me? – Part 4: Streaming

By Jonathan Fouch

This is the final part of a series where we explore the four main ways to digitize your movies and photos: DVD, USB, Digital Download, and Streaming. We’ll talk about the advantages of each format so you can choose the one that is the best for you and your family.

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Streaming – The Future is Here

If you want a Netflix-like experience with your home movies, then this is the way to go. 

I’ll start by uploading your home movies to a platform called Vimeo. 

Vimeo is similar to YouTube but has a better user experience for home movies. The quality is fantastic and you get access to your own private channel that you can log into if you have an Amazon Fire, Roku, or Apple TV streaming device. Most mobile devices and some gaming systems have a Vimeo app as well. 

Once you log in, you’ll see thumbnails of your videos. Simply click to watch. 

Vimeo also stores your videos in their cloud. So god forbid something happens to your home, your videos are safe.

It does cost money to maintain your movies on Vimeo’s platform, currently $12-a-month to be exact. But keep in mind that Vimeo doubles as cloud storage – preserving your videos in case something happens. So you are getting steaming and cloud storage for one price. 

Vimeo is currently video only. If you have photos as well, you will have to choose an additional medium such as DVD, USB, or Digital Download.

Streaming Summary: 

            Pros: Best experience, automatically put into the cloud

            Cons: Monthly cost, videos only 

Jonathan Fouch is the founder of History Creators. He has spent the greater part of his 11-year career helping families build their legacy through technology. You can read his full biography here.