Use Your Own Box:

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  • Use your own container or box
  • Fill with as many items as you want (VHS tapes, reels, photos, etc.)
  • Lock in current website discount without having to use our kit
  • Receive a pricing guide so you can see the total cost (with any discount applied)
  • Instructions on how to get us your container or box (via drop off, mail, or pickup)
How it works:
Use your own box or container to get us your memories.

Put as many items in your box or container as you want. We will email you a simple pricing guide so you can see how much it will ultimately cost.

Drop it off, mail it, or schedule pickup:

Simply drop off your box or container with your items at our Southfield office. If you wish to mail it back to us or would like to schedule a pickup, we will email you instructions on how to do so (additional fees may apply).

Once we receive your items, we'll digitize your them within two weeks. We'll send you a final quote before we begin any work.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you later decide that History Creators is not right for you, simply ask for a refund.

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