Family History Kit:

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  • Fill with as many items as you want (VHS tapes, reels, photos, etc.)
  • Pricing guide so you can see the total cost (with any discount applied)
  • Instructions on how to drop it off, mail it, or schedule pickup
  • Free return shipping (should you choose to mail it)
  • Labels and waterproof bags to organize and secure your items
How it works:
We mail you a crushproof, secure kit to place your photos, films, and videos. The kit includes waterproof bags and labels to organize and secure your items.

Put as many items in your kit as you want. We include a simple pricing guide so you can see how much it will ultimately cost.

Drop it off, mail it, or schedule pickup:

Simply drop off the kit with your items at our Southfield office. If you wish to mail the kit back to us or would like to schedule a pickup, each kit has instructions on how to do so (additional fees may apply).

Once we receive your items, we'll digitize your them within two weeks. We'll send you a final quote before we begin any work.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you later decide that History Creators is not right for you, simply return the kit for a refund.

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