I started this company to provide a local, high-quality option to digitize the memories of individuals, families, and institutions.  

This is an important task. Many of our analog memories are no longer accessible. Few of us have a VCR in our living room, or a workable projector. Photos are more accessible, but most physical collections tend to be unorganized and stowed away in the depths of the closet, making it hard to find the most special photos. Further, with the emergence of the smartphone, our memory collections are now split in two: one part is digital, on our phones; the other part in our closets, stuffed in albums and shoeboxes.

There’s also the risk of loss. These items can be misplaced or permanently lost in the event of a flood or fire.

By digitizing these items, you are backing them up, consolidating them, and making them accessible again for yourself and future generations.


We're a family business. Me and my partner Michele handle every project. We focus on providing you with great service, craftsmen-like quality, and the security of knowing who is handling your items and where they are being stored.

We answer all of your questions. If there are specific wishes or requests, we handle that as well.

We use the best equipment and best practices to give you the best possible scan.  We find that the little things - like hand cleaning every photo - make a big difference.

Most of our clients choose to drop off their items at our Southfield office. You get to see our office and hand them off directly to Michele or myself. We offer concierge pickup (terms and fees apply) as well for Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties. For far away clients with small orders, we do accept a mail-ins.

What we do

We digitize movies and pictures. This means we take analog media such as cassettes, film, and physical pictures and we turn them into digital files.

We work largely with VHS, camcorder tapes, 8mm film reels, print photos, photo albums, negatives, and slides. We handle many other formats as well.

Tapes and film are saved as MP4 files and pictures are saved as JPEG files. These are the two most common and universal formats for movies and pictures. Almost every computer, smartphone, tablet, and web browser on earth can recognize and open these files.

We deliver these files – your digitized memories - back to you on a USB Thumb Drive.  By request, we can also provide DVDs.  

At a basic level, the thumb drive allows you to 1) view and enjoy these memories again on your computer or smart TV;  2) back up these memories to a cloud-service such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or iCloud; 3) create copies of the thumb drive to pass out to family members.  We provide basic tips on how to accomplish these three tasks; we can also be hired as consultants to help you play, backup, and copy your digitized memories.

Once digitized, many clients also hire us to organize and curate their collections. This is especially important when digitizing a large photo collection. We can organize the photo collection into folders, and apply key metadata such as date, caption, tag, and person. We can work with most modern photo organizing programs such as Apple Photos and Google Photos.  Our most ambitious clients have hired us to create a “hub” – or one central digital location – for their life’s memories.  

But we’re very proud to work on projects large and small. We do small orders for clients that just want 1-2 tapes digitized; and we’ve worked with clients that have hired us to curate collections in tens of thousands.

Regardless of where you are on your digitizing journey, we highly recommend using our “Get Quote” form before contacting us. That will allow us to review your situation and provide you with a concrete timeline and ballpark estimate before we speak on the phone or in person.

We look forward to working with you.

Jonathan Fouch