Tuesday Tips - “Why are my phone photos so blurry?”

Tuesday Tips - “Why are my phone photos so blurry?”

When it comes to preserving family memories captured on camera cell phones, it's important to ensure that the pictures are clear and high-quality. However, we often notice that some pictures come out blurry or with halos and streaks around the lights, which can be disappointing. One of the most common reasons for this is a dirty lens. In fact, many people never clean their phone lens, which can lead to these issues.

These were shot the same night, first photo had finger prints on the lens second after it was cleaned

To fix this problem, you can purchase a microfiber cloth and gently clean the lens with it. It's recommended to clean the lens a few times a year to ensure that your pictures are of the best quality. We recommend MagicFiber cloths ($5). If you use another brand, please ensure it can be safely used for a camera phone lens.

It's worth noting that some people recommend using liquids or other cleaning agents to clean the lens. However, this is not recommended unless you know what you're doing as it can potentially damage the lens. A microfiber cloth is a safer and more effective option for most people.

Unfortunately, if your phone camera lens has scratches, there's not much that can be done to fix it. There are some tips online, but we cannot verify if they work. In most cases, a $5 microfiber cloth can help fix blurry pictures or pictures with halos and streaks, so it's worth investing in one to improve the quality of your pictures.

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