What if my home movies are mixed in with daytime TV?

What if my home movies are mixed in with daytime TV?

It's common for us to receive VHS tapes that blend family memories with recordings of daytime television. Imagine discovering that the initial segment of a tape showcases Grandma's 75th birthday celebration, only to transition into an episode of “Friends” or "Seinfeld."

However, there's no need to worry. Our service excels in meticulously editing out any daytime TV content, ensuring you receive only your precious family memories. This includes handling tapes that span 4-6 hours, which might predominantly feature daytime TV with just a sprinkling of personal footage. We diligently sift through every second of the footage to secure the content that's significant to you.

Regrettably, if retaining the daytime television footage is your preference, we're unable to accommodate this due to the complex web of copyright and intellectual property laws. However, it's worth noting that a vast majority of TV and movie content, including classics, is readily available online for viewing.

There's also the potential concern that a tape might be completely overwritten with television shows. In these instances, our commitment remains steadfast—we will thoroughly review the footage to confirm the absence of any family memories. If it turns out that the tape is solely composed of daytime TV, we offer a generous 90% discount for that specific tape. This reduction typically reduces the service fee to between $2 and $3, reflecting the time invested in reviewing the footage.

In short, our aim is to simplify and make it cost-effective for you to reclaim your memories from tapes that might have been overlaid with television shows and movies.

Jonathan Fouch is the founder of History Creators. He has spent the greater part of his 11-year career helping families build their legacy through technology. You can read his full biography here.